How Did Gold Get its Name?

goldArguably the most beautiful of the earth’s metals, gold has been valued by people all over the world since ancient times. Prized by the pharaohs of Egypt and Sumerian kings all the way through modern times, this lustrous, brilliant metal is equally prized by jewelcrafters for its soft, malleable properties. Dazzling, easy to shape, and an exquisite accessory to every look, gold remains the prized top metal used in fine jewelry today.

Though we may never know what the pharaohs called this marvelous metal by, we do know that the word “gold” as we know it today originated from the Old English counterpart, also ‘gold’, which itself was derived from the Proto-Germanic languages (as most words in English originally were), where it was called ‘gulth’. ‘Gulth-‘, to the best of our current knowledge, was a descriptive prefix that meant ‘yellow’, or ‘bright’. Certainly an apt name!

Since it’s introduction into the English language, the word ‘gold’ has come to share itself with a tradition of words that describe excellence, beauty, timelessness, and wealth. Whether you call it gold or gulth, Kranich’s Jewelers can offer you a fine selection of beautiful jewelry showcasing the richness and majesty of this radiant metal.

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