Boy Finds Treasure in The Back Yard

In case you missed it over the weekend, here is a nice story out of the Boston area about a young boy who found a missing engagement ring and wedding band while playing in the back yard.

Ryan Baima, 3, loves to dig in his yard, and it was while he was digging recently that he made an incredible discovery.

He brought a ring, caked with dirt, over to his mother.  Luna Baima says she didn’t think much of it, until Ryan asked if she wanted the other one.  That’s when it clicked in her head, that her son had likely just found someone’s engagement ring and wedding band.
Luna began asking neighbors about the rings, and one neighor remembered that 33 years ago, a woman named Joan Mulligan had lost her rings while weeding in the yard.

To read the complete article from WBZTV click HERE.

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