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David & Anyssa’s Engagement Story

engagement storyCongratulations to David and Anyssa on their engagement!

In David’s words, here’s how their engagement story went:

“Anyssa and I have been friends since we were very young.  In fact, our parents were even friends before we were even born.  My earliest memories of Anyssa and I were probably when we were in the neighborhood of three or four years old, playing at her house, or library story hour, or something like that.  I am told we went trick or treating a few times also.  I remember going to bible school with her during the elementary years and becoming good friends into high school.  The funny thing is, we were always just friends, hanging out at peoples’ houses and spending time together in groups.  I always thought she was very pretty, but it just never happened in high school.  There was, however, a short time I developed a crush on her during my senior year (her junior year).  I never told her how I felt, probably because I was too nervous.  I do remember writing lyrics to a song that a band I was in wrote together.  Our singer thought the song was about God, because the first line said, “All my life I knew you, but I never noticed you, at least not like that.”  We love God in this relationship, but that line was about her!

When college came, we kind of went our separate ways.  We never had any falling out and we kept in touch here and there, seeing each other at Christmas parties and summer bonfires, but we weren’t good friends like we were in high school.  For a few summers, we did work at the same summer job:  a warehouse where it was entirely too hot and not much fun, but a lot of our friends worked there with us.  The summer after I graduated college, I worked there with Anyssa and I also started to attend her church.  So, I was seeing her quite a bit.  We started to hang out with friends in groups and even a little bit on our own as well. At the beginning, I didn’t think anything of it; we were just old friends re-connecting.  A little into the summer though, I could tell things were different.  We were spending a lot of time together and we both realized that we had developed feelings for each other.  We went through some dating phases, holding hands and having a first kiss, and having a really fun time.  I loved spending time with Anyssa that summer.  She was so much fun, and there was always a beautiful smile on her face.  It went on like that the whole summer, us being together, but not really officially. That fall, I was set to move to Pittsburgh to attend graduate school to get my masters degree in counseling.  I told her that I didn’t think long distance would work and we “mutually” decided to just be friends.

Well that didn’t go so well.  By Thanksgiving, I had realized I had truly made the biggest mistake of my life.  Due to so many circumstances, I knew that I wanted the long haul with Anyssa Bell.  She is truly an amazing person who is beautiful, funny, outgoing, and has a love for God that makes me want to do the same.  I figured we could just jump right into a relationship over my Thanksgiving break:  WRONG!  It wasn’t that easy.  Things had changed and she said she was hurt from what happened over the summer, me never committing. There are a lot of other details, but the moral of this story is never give up.  When I came home for a month for Christmas, I knew that my goal was to make Anyssa my girlfriend.  With some persistence (and flowers) we became official on New Years.

The next year was the best year of my life.  We spent so much time together and I am so incredibly grateful.  The grace that she has walked into my life with is absolutely remarkable and I can truly say I am one of the luckiest people of the face of the earth.  We made many trips and had many meaningful conversations and we grew closer to each other and closer to God as well.  We were even baptized together in September.  I knew then that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

engagement ring

On New Years Eve, our one year anniversary, I started to get ready for what I was planning to do that night.  In our hometown, there is a part near the river, which is unofficially called the duck park.  We went there a lot in the summer to hang out.  Actually that was the first place where I think both of us recognized our feelings for each other over a year ago.  That morning (with some help) I decorated the pavilion of the park in Christmas lights and other things to make it look memorable.  A while earlier, I had given the ring to a little five year old girl named Addison, who Anyssa has been involved with since she was a baby.  Addison goes to our church and she is very important to Anyssa, in that she has babysat her and spent a lot of time with her and her family.  I was hoping Addison could hold on to it.  That night, we went to eat and then had plans to go to the duck park (since it’s her favorite place) to throw a message in a bottle into the river holding our New Year’s resolutions.  At dinner we both wrote them down, but didn’t show them to each other.  When we got to the park, she was wondering what was going on with lights in the pavilion, but I think she realized I was up to something when she noticed rose petals leading up to the pavilion.  When we got up there, I said, “This would be a great time to propose, but too bad I don’t have a ring.” Then, out of nowhere, Addison came running up to us and gave us both and hug, and then handed me the ring.  I told Anyssa I loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  Then I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She said YES and it made my night a whole less stressful.  I was so grateful I almost forgot the last part.  After some pictures where she was crying and I was probably crying, we made our way down to the river.  She read me her resolutions, where there were about ten.  Then I read mine.  Remember we didn’t show these to each other during dinner.  I only had one:  Marry Anyssa.

We’re planning on getting married October 18th, 2014.  We didn’t want to wait to spend our lives together.  We’re both very excited for the life ahead and grateful we can spend it together.”

Engagement Story and Engagement Ring

Two Stones for June Birthdays

June birthdays, for those of you who didn’t know, actually have more than one birthstone. The shared June birthstones are both alexandrite and pearl. The Alexandrite available at Kranich’s Jewelers is green by daylight and has a red hue by an incandescent light. This is believed to be caused by the gem’s absorption of light over a narrow range of wavelengths in the yellow region of the light spectrum. Pearls however are also available in multiple colors, the most popular being white and black pearls.

Do you or does someone special in your life celebrate their birthday throughout June? If so, a great gift for this occasion may be found at your local Kranich’s Jewelers location. Perhaps a pair of alexandrite earrings or a strand of white pearls would make the perfect birthday gift which carries the special meaning of the June birthstone.

For any questions you may have about birthstone jewelry or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

It’s A BlackOut by Luminox

Swiss made watch manufacturer Luminox has become famous thanks to their Navy SEAL watch design which was developed by founder, Barry Cohen and Officer Nick North specifically for night missions. Now the designers at Luminox have taken it a step further with the BlackOut Series. Here is some more information about the design from a press release dated August 2009 from Luminox.

Luminox F-117 NIGHTHAWK 6400 SERIES A.6402.BO Watch

Luminox F-117 NIGHTHAWK 6400 SERIES A.6402.BO Watch

Luminox – maker of the world’s most luminous timepieces thanks to the proprietary Luminox Light Technology (LLT) utilized in them – is proud to introduce the all-black BlackOut series of timepieces – ideal ESSENTIAL GEAR for professionals and athletes. Luminox watches are known to be Always Visible and always glow, so the notion of going dark would seem to be contrary, but not to worry, the watches still glow continuously for more than 25 years, this time in a new blue color on the hands and hour markers for night viewing. The LLT-micro gas lights are glowing in blue – Blue by Night. The look of the watches is completely blacked out, but telling time is still easy thanks to a tone-on-tone look via matt black dials and polished black numbers. With two models in the series, both are water resistant to 200 metres and, like all Luminox watches, Swiss made.



A key color for Luminox because of the covert nature of the wearers of the brand – SWAT teams, Navy SEALS, Stealth fighter pilots, and other professionals — black is a natural for the newest line, which has two important models.

The BlackOut SEAL watch is part of the Navy SEAL-3050 series. As a big exception compared to all other Luminox Watches the Luminox logo Shield is also black. The 44mm watch features a carbon-reinforced polymer case, screwed down caseback, protected crown, extra-hard mineral crystal, and is equipped with a polyurethane strap.

The other model in the new series is the BlackOut Stealth – paying befitting homage to the jet fighter that bears its name. Part of the EVO F-117 Nighthawk™ 6400 series, this watch is as sleek in its styling as the jet, and takes some styling cues, as well. The Blackout Stealth is crafted of black PVD plated stainless steel with a black dial and black PVD coated steel bracelet for as stealth a look as the jet. The 45mm watch is built with a screwed back, screw-in crown, rotating bezel, and antireflective sapphire crystal

Luminox originally entered into the cooperative relationship with Lockheed Martin nearly a decade ago, and today offers the F-117 Nighthawk™, the SR-71 Blackbird™, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-22 Raptor (just recently introduced) and now the Blackout Stealth.

Luminox COLORMARK 38MM 7050 SERIES A.7051.BO

Luminox COLORMARK 38MM 7050 SERIES A.7051.BO

Both models employ Luminox Light Technology, with 25 years of night visibility. Luminox timepieces are manufactured like few others. The proprietary Luminox Light Technology and the additional quality control steps Luminox mandates require extraordinary attention to detail and care in manufacturing

For more about the Luminox BlackOut designs or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Blue and White Weekend at Kranich’s Jewelers

Penn State Lion Paw Pendant With Blue Enamel

Penn State Lion Paw Pendant With Blue Enamel

This weekend Penn State will hold their 2011 Blue White Weekend festivities. The free football scrimmage on Saturday has scheduled kickoff at 2:00 pm. Admission and parking to the spring game FREE for all visitors

Here at Kranich’s Jewelers, we are proud to be a part of the Penn State Community and always enjoy this spring tradition. We have been serving the Penn State faithful from our Downtown State College store on College Avenue since 1976 and then later from our Nittany Mall location which opened 15 years ago. So during blue and white weekend in Happy Valley, we here at Kranich’s Jewelers are showing our Penn State Pride celebrating the start of Penn State football all month long both in store and online at

During the month of April, take and additional 20% off all Penn State Gold Jewelry by using the code PENNSTGOLD at checkout on Also, take 10% off all Penn State silver Jewelry by using code PENNSTSLVR at checkout.

So visit our Penn State Jewelry section now on and see our large selection.
Of licensed PSU jewelry and if you happen to be in town during Blue and White Weekend, stop in one of our locations and take home a piece of Penn State Jewelry the same day!

For questions about events going on at Kranich’s Jewelers during Blue and White Weekend or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Somebody is Getting a Present Tomorrow!

Simon G. Diamond PendantCoinciding with our designer jewelry shows going on now, which feature Simon G. Jewelry, we will be announcing the winner for our second Facebook fan contest. Keep your eyes on your email boxes tomorrow to see if you have won this elegant diamond pendant from Kranich’s Jewelers and Simon G.  and from all of us at Kranich’s Jewelers we would like to wish all a happy holiday season.

For questions about Simon G. Jewelry or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Shop Online at

shop from homeWhen bad weather hits, like it has today, why not just stay at home and shop from the comfort of home.  We have an extensive collection of designer and fashion jewelry available for you on

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Fans of Kranich’s Jewelers may have heard about our 12 hour sales currently running in each location.  What you may not know is that you can take advantage of our special 12 hour pricing online at during each event which makes our 12 hour sale almost like a 48 hour sale!

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A Lot of Hoopla!

Megan Fox HoopsDiamond hoops are a wonderful way to show the beauty of your sparkling diamonds. A pair of diamond hoop earrings can go with any look. Their classic design has been seen from the red carpet to your local night club. The shine of the stones in the light, illuminates the wearers face drawing the eyes in. Let your style shine with a pair of diamond hoops of your own, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Here at Kranich’s Jewelers we offer a wide variety of diamond hoop earrings to ensure we have just the right pair for you. Call or click to day to get the classic beauty of diamond hoops for yourself.

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Relay Raffle Winner Announced

From Relay For Life 2010

Congratulations go to Ron Kenner of Duncasville. Ron was this year’s winner of the Relay Raffle. He won a 14 karat white gold diamond circle pendant with 1/4 carat total weight diamonds which currently retails at $395.00 buy purchasing a raffle ticket from our team which were only 3 for a dollar! Congratulations Ron!

For questions about your own diamond circle necklace or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.


Facebook Fan Referral Everlon Diamond Knot Contest

It’s once again contest time here at Kranich’s Jewelers.  We would like to thank all of our loyal facebook fans for your support as we continue to build our presence on Facebook.  Kranich’s Jewelers would like to reach 1000 fans by July 9, 2010. To get to our goal, Kranich’s Jewelers would like to announce the Everlon Diamond Knot Collection Fan Referral Contest. To qualify for this contest, all you need to do is follow these simple instructions:

1. From the Kranich’s Jewelers Facebook page, Click “Suggest to Friends” (listed below the Kranich’s Jewelers fan page picture).

2. Choose all of your friends who would be interested in becoming a Kranich’s Jewelers Fan.

3. Send the invitation with a message directing them to our Friend Referral Contest details located on our Discussion Board.

4. Have your friend post your name on the Kranich’s Jewelers Wall (For example, “Jane Doe is my friend”).

The Kranich’s Jewelers fan who has the most fan referrals a the end of each week will receive their choice of either the 1/6 Carat Sterling Silver Everlon Ring or the 1/6 Carat Sterling Silver Everlon Pendant.

Winners will be selected on Fridays and notified via facebook.

For questions about the contest or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.