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Picture of a Kranich's Jewelers storefront.

Three Reasons You Should Come to Kranich’s

Picking a jeweler is almost as tough of a decision as deciding on what piece of jewelry you’ll take home. When choosing a jeweler, you want to find one that cares about you and your purchase, and one that will provide you with the best quality piece when you’re done.

We understand just how important a jewelry purchase is; that’s why we’ve outlined three of the top reasons that you should make Kranich’s Jewelers your go-to jeweler.


Our story began in 1903 when the Kranich brothers opened jewelry stores in Lancaster and York, Pennsylvania, as well as a store in Worcester, Massachusetts. From there, our company began to expand. Today, more than 110 years later, our family-owned business continues to proudly serve residents of Central Pennsylvania as well as customers from across the country and around the world. Over the years, we’ve helped people from far and wide find the right piece of jewelry to tell their unique story. Unlike the big-box stores, we don’t view our customers as a transaction; rather, our customers become an extension of our family. That’s why we go to great lengths to treat everyone who comes to our stores with the utmost respect. When you come to Kranich’s Jewelers, you can expect respect and to be treated like part of the Kranich family!

Big selection

We have everything from loose diamonds and engagement rings to family jewelry, luxury watches and Penn State jewelry. Our selection, as well as our wide array of various jewelry designers like Polenza, Simon G. and Verragio, gives you, our customer, the ability to find the perfect piece of jewelry for your specific occasion. So, whether you want to show up to Beaver Stadium in style with some brand-new Penn State Jewelry, or find an engagement ring for the perfect marriage proposal, Kranich’s Jewelers will help you find exactly what you’ve been searching for all this time.

Unique experience

Every client is different, which means that every experience should be as well. That’s why we’ve taken a personal approach to serving our clients by creating an environment where you’re welcome to ask any questions you may have about the jewelry you’re buying. At Kranich’s Jewelers, we’re more interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients than we are with making a one-time sale. This means that from the moment you step into our store, we’ll work with you to turn your ideas into a reality, all while treating you like family. It’s our mission to build and nurture a relationship with you so that you’ll become a customer for life.

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Kranich's Jewelry blog post about how to make custom heirloom family jewelry.

Three Tips for Creating Heirloom Family Jewelry

Behind every piece of beautiful jewelry is a story: Engagement rings are a symbol of a bond between two people, a gorgeous necklace given as an anniversary gift is a celebration of that love, and a just because piece is a token of someone’s affection.

While these pieces have their own meanings and messages, so too do custom pieces of jewelry.

What makes a custom piece so special is the fact that you can write the story from scratch. You have the ability to create meaning behind the jewelry because you helped take it from an idea to a physical piece.

We all want to leave a legacy and be remembered long after we’re gone, and what better way to do so than with a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be passed down from generation to generation?

If creating a piece of heirloom jewelry is something you’ve considered but never really knew where to start, let us give you some helpful design tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Pick the piece.

The first piece of the custom jewelry puzzle is to decide on what type of jewelry you’ll be creating. Will it be a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or a watch? Think about the person who will first be wearing the piece – will it be you or someone you love? Think about what type of jewelry that person would be more apt to wear, versus one that’ll just end up collecting dust in a jewelry box after a few months. If you want your custom piece to be something that will be worn and enjoyed, and that future generations will love as well, think about the wearer’s favorite pieces of jewelry and go with that idea.

Plan your idea.

Keep in the back of your mind that the jewelry you’re creating will be passed down to future generations within your family, so you’ll want to create something timeless. In order to create your dream jewelry, planning is necessary. Capture your inspiration in the fire of a gemstone, for instance. Planning out your custom piece of jewelry ahead of time will help you visualize the final product so that you can make the necessary adjustments to get exactly what you envisioned.

Make it meaningful.

A custom piece of family heirloom jewelry is a meaningful way to keep your memory alive long after you’re gone. At Kranich’s, we work alongside our clients to help them tell their story by picking out gorgeous family gemstones, finding the perfect setting for those stones, and helping it come to fruition in a dazzling custom-made piece of jewelry.

We offer our customers the chance to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry with our user-friendly online tool that helps you build your custom design. Or, if you prefer, come to one of our stores for a face-to-face visit, where we’ll sit down with you and help your dream piece of jewelry become a reality.

If you’d like to learn more about creating your own custom family heirloom jewelry, give us a call at 888-944-4575 or email us.

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Share Your Engagement Story with Us!

When you think of a diamond engagement ring, what usually comes to mind? Perhaps some words pop into your head like beauty, luxury, excellence, style or class?

Or maybe just maybe, your own love story comes to mind when you think of the diamond you’re going to put on your beloved’s finger.

You see, every diamond is different. It has its unique elements of purity and beauty and, sometimes, imperfections. That’s why a diamond is a perfect symbol of your relationship – it stands as a symbol for your own love story, something greater than the two of you were apart.

At Kranich’s Jewelers, we understand that every engagement ring tells a unique story. When you trust us to help you find the right ring, you have access to our wide selection of gorgeous engagement rings from famous designers like Polenza, Simon G., and Verragio, as well as the option to customize a ring from scratch.

In the past, we’ve had the pleasure of putting the spotlight on happy couples who have solidified their love with a Kranich’s ring and shared their engagement stories with us.

Just take Kristen and Ethan’s story for example. It’s safe to say that she caught more than a fish while on that fishing trip—she caught herself a fiancé!

Kranich's Jewelers blog post about engagement stories.

Or, how about Keegan, who asked his beautiful fiancé to marry him with a message in a bottle, and of course, a breathtaking Kranich’s ring.

These are just a couple of the wonderful stories that our happy clients have shared with us. Now, we want to hear yours!

Send us your engagement story and pictures of your Kranich’s ring, and you could be spotlighted on our blog and featured on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages! After all, the only thing that can shine brighter than your diamond engagement ring is the spotlight that we’d like to put on your love story!

Five tips for planning the perfect fall marriage proposal.

Five Tips for Planning the Perfect Fall Marriage Proposal

The crisp air and gorgeous color changes in the leaves make fall a perfect season for marriage proposals. If you’ve found your soulmate and the perfect engagement ring, all that you need is a gorgeous backdrop and a well thought out plan to pop the question.

Take a look at our five planning tips for the perfect fall marriage proposal.

Location, location, location. During the fall, there are plenty of opportunities for you to ask for her hand. Whether it’s at the end of a corn maze, on a hayride, or in a beautiful park, this season lends itself to picturesque settings. While it may be tempting to pick a trendy place to get down on one knee, pick a spot that’s unique and special to you and your significant other. Because what’s trendy today might not be in the future, so you’ll want to make a plan that’s both memorable and meaningful. Another thing to consider when planning your proposal is whether or not this will be a public or private engagement. If you know for certain that your significant other does not like to be in the spotlight, we suggest that you keep your engagement private. Conversely, if you know she wouldn’t dream of this moment without her family close by, then by all means, share your plans with them! Every engagement is different, so keep your loved one in mind when deciding if you should propose in private or in front of a group of people. If you’re unsure, do some digging. Ask close friends and family for advice.

Make it meaningful. A marriage proposal is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic moments for a couple. Don’t just blurt out “I love you” and drop to one knee out of nowhere. Your beloved will be either extremely confused or think you’re having a medical emergency. Rather, plan ahead and think back on all the moments when you knew that she was the one. Talk about when you first saw her, your first date, the first time you kissed, or when you first said I love you. Use these details to tell her how much she means to you and how you want to spend forever with her. Now, we’re not going to tell you what to say, but think of it this way: If there’s ever a time to be sentimental, it’s during your proposal, so don’t be afraid to get emotional.

Play into the season. As we mentioned in our first tip, autumn offers plenty of opportunities and ideas for your engagement. If you’re stuck, let us help get the creative juices flowing.

  1. If you’re carving pumpkins, plan ahead and carve out three gourds with the message, “Will you marry me?” Keep those pumpkins in hiding while you and your significant other are carving your pumpkins. When you’re done, let her know that you’ll arrange the pumpkins outside and for her to wait inside. Once you grab your proposal pumpkins, bring her outside to see your pumpkins on display – and your big question.
  2. Consider a scenic hike or a walk through the park. As a couple, if you love to hike, do your research and find a new trail that leads to breathtaking views. Once you’ve made it to the crescendo of the hike, it’s time to get down on bended knee. If neither one of you are hikers, consider a nice walk through the park. Again, do a little legwork to find a picturesque spot in the park to pop the question. The gorgeous fall colors in the background of both scenarios will make for an even more memorable moment.

Be in the moment. If you’re ok with a little publicity of your big moment, hire a professional photographer or a trusted friend or family member to capture the moment. You’ll both be so caught up in the moment that you won’t be able to remember every detail of the actual proposal. Having it captured in pictures will allow you to look back and recall how you felt in that moment. Plus, who doesn’t love to share their engagement story and pictures on social media? (We know we love sharing some of our favorites!)

Pick the perfect ring. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you pick out the perfect ring to go with the perfect proposal. At Kranich’s, we help our clients choose an engagement ring that they know their beloved will absolutely adore. Engagement ring shopping is more than just a technical experience – it gives you the chance to show your love with a gorgeous diamond ring. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, let us help. We have a large selection of designer rings such as VerragioSimon G., and Polenza, among others. Or, if you’d prefer a truly custom engagement ring, we offer a variety of loose diamonds to accompany our myriad setting options.

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Mother’s Ring: A Forever Keepsake For Mom

Every mother can agree that her family is one of her greatest sources of joy! There are many ways to celebrate a mother and her dedication to her family, including the gift of a personalized mother’s ring. Mom rings are the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, and of course Mother’s Day. If you are searching for a special gift for your mom, for the loving mother of your children—or even for grandma, personalized jewelry is always an excellent option.

What Is A Mother’s Ring?

Mother’s rings have evolved a bit over the generations, and at present day are a ring that most often features the birthstones of all the children in the family—and both parents if you wish. If purchased as a keepsake for grandma, the ring could feature the birthstones of all of the kids, and all of the grandkids—or only one of the two.

These rings are unique because the variety of birthstones ensures that mom’s ring is unique, and also quite colorful. If more than one of the kids has the same birthstone, you can opt to have two rings of the same stone—or just one ring to represent both children.

The Classic Mom Ring

The classic mom ring features all birthstones in a straight row, sometimes separated by diamonds—or intricate band designs. Most feature round gemstones, but heart shape and square cut gemstones are popular alternatives. While this classic design is fairly simple, it is easily identified as a keepsake ring designed especially for moms. However, contemporary designs may be a better fit for mom.

Contemporary Mom Rings

While the classic design is beautiful, it may not be the best match for mom’s sense of style—but not to worry. As with all of our jewelry, these keepsake rings can be personalized to complement mom. While all birthstones will still be present, we can design the band and layout of the rings in a stylized manner. From cutout bands, innovative design, and an endless options of settings—we can easily design a ring that mom will love.

Don’t Forget The Band

While the gemstones, size, and cut are sure to be top of mind, you must not forget the band. In fact, the band plays an important role in the overall design. From smooth, to textured, decorative, cutout, and more!

You must also choose from gold, white gold, or platinum to best suit mom’s style. In most cases, mom will prefer the same precious metal for all of her jewelry.

What If The Family Is Still Growing?

If you would like to buy a ring for mom or grandma, but your family is still growing, you still have plenty of options. One of the most common options are stackable bands. These bands could feature one stone per band, that when placed together creates a unique design—or you have limitless options in decorative bands that feature multiple gemstones. If the family grows unexpectedly, you can have the stones arranged in a new setting.

A Family Affair—Including More Than Just The Kids

It is not uncommon to make a moms ring a family affair, by adding mom’s birthstone, both parents, grandparents, and blended families. This option is also excellent for small families, and moms that only have one child. There are many ways to approach this method of personalization, and no way is right or wrong. A few options to consider include:

• Making mom’s birthstone larger than the kids
• Adding both parent’s birthstones, also larger than the kids
• Having the size of each gemstone correspond with the age of each family member
• Placing mom’s stone in the center, with the kid’s stones surrounding mom
• Creating a tier for grandma, parents, and grandkids
• Selecting a variety of cuts for a truly unique ring—round, pear, oval, square, heart, and more!

These are just a few options, but the options truly are endless.

Think Outside The Box—Rings Aren’t Your Only Option

If your family is large or mom doesn’t wear a lot of rings—or a colorful ring just isn’t her style. Not to worry, because we still have plenty of options. Necklaces are also an excellent way to celebrate mom or grandma, and the design options are far more flexible. Not only can the designs be larger, but you can even choose individual charms for each birthstone. Speaking of charms, bracelets are another great alternative to rings.

Which Ring Will Mom Like?

With the sentimental value of personalized mothers’ rings, you really can’t go wrong—that being said, you want to design a ring that suits her personal style. While you want the ring to be a surprise, search for the opportunity to get some input. Browse through our website together to see the types of rings she likes, or ask her best friend or close family member to find a casual and creative way to determine her preference in design and style.

The Perfect Time To Give The Gift Of Personalized Jewelry

Mother’s rings are a popular gift for Mother’s Day, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions—however every day is the perfect day to celebrate the ones you love. These personalized rings are available for purchase all year-round, and any time you want to do something extra special for your wife or mom. We have rings at all price points, making it a gift that kids can save up to purchase for mom as a family.

While mom and grandma are sure to love their personalized mother’s rings, these rings often become a cherished family heirloom. These unique keepsake rings are also a popular talking point that provides moms with a daily reminder of her loving family and the many heartfelt stories she has to share.

The Dog Days Can Cause Damage


Sunblock and tanning lotion buildup can tarnish your jewelry over time

Summer is in full swing which means lots of fun outside. It also means you should take a little extra care for your jewelry. As I mentioned in an older post, it is important to keep your jewelry clean to preventing tarnish keeping it beautiful for years to come. One of the main culprits during summer months can be a buildup of sun block or sunscreen, so we suggest you remove your prized pieces before you apply.

A second concern was actually the catalyst for this post. As my Uncle Doug planned the opening of his pool earlier this month, we hooked up the filter, made sure the water level was correct and then he said our last step was shocking the pool with the chemicals and the pool would be swimmable. Now I don’t know how many readers have been around when shocking a pool, but that intense chlorine odor is as much a smell of summer as a charcoal grill. Dumping those chemicals triggered a question. If those chemicals are what make it safe for us to swim, what must it do to a piece of jewelry? I did a little digging and here’s what I found out.

above ground poolThe technical term for what chlorine does to jewelry is “stress induced corrosion”. Chlorine damage is mostly seen in white gold due to nickel added making the gold white. Most white gold contains nickel which is why some people have an allergy to white gold and can only wear a higher purity rating. This chlorine damage can occur in yellow gold but is much more common in white.

The stress points, when prongs are bent over a stone, are where the chlorine does its damage. Chlorine works on the nickel resulting in microscopic cracks in the metal. Stress in the metal is a primary culprit here as this can also happen with yellow gold pieces. With enough damage, the joining of the nickel (or other alloy metal) is degraded enough for the crack to actually separate and a prong can break off. The same thing can happen on the band of a ring when there is stress in the metal, perhaps from a jeweler hammering the band during sizing.

If you think your jewelry has had chlorine damage, stop by your local Kranich’s Jewelers location where one of our on location jewelers will be able to make your piece as good as new

For questions about caring for your jewelry during summer months or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Congratulations Seniors

And so another semester has come to an end. All of us here at Kranichs Jewelers wish to congratulate all of the 2011 graduating seniors and we look forward to seeing you again the next time you visit your alma mater. LET’S GO STATE!Penn State Old Main
For more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Congratulations on 400

Here at Kranich’s Jewelers we are all big Penn State fans.  We would like to take this opportunity to say congratulations to Joe Paterno on his 400th victory.

For questions about any of our Penn State Merchandise or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Spooktakular Savings All Weekend Long

kranich's halloweenBe sure to stop in at any Kranich’s Jewelers weekend all weekend long for savings so great, they’re scary! We have every kind of jewelry to fill your tastes. Fashion jewelry, diamond bracelets and earrings, designer watches, we have what you are looking for. Can’t make it in to Kranich’s Jewelers? You can shop online at where our top level sales associates will be happy to help you.  And don’t forget to visit us on our Facebook page and our twitter feed where we regularly announce money saving coupon codes good at

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Kranich’s Engagement Party at Relay for Life 2010

Kranich’s Jewelers would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported the Relay for Life team over the past year. With your help we managed to raise over $18,000 throughout the year to support cancer research. With all of that help, we are that much closer to finding a cure for this terrible disease. Our feet may hurt a little bit, but we are that many steps closer to a cure. Thank you.

To find out how you can help the Relay for Life, visit