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Engagement Ring Shopping 101: Simple Solutions to Finding the Perfect Ring for Your Special Someone

Congratulations! You have met that special someone you want to commit to and partner with for the rest of your life.

So now only one obstacle remains between you and your happy ever after – asking for their hand in marriage. While planning the perfect proposal may sound like the most challenging part, engagement ring shopping often comes with at least a few unexpected surprises. Don’t let a few hiccups and inconveniences come between you and your fairy tale ending. Here are some tips that will help you along with engagement ring shopping.

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Even unique engagement rings have at least four things in common: the 4 C’s. While you have likely heard of at least one or two, it is best to have a basic understanding of what you are looking for in terms of:

  • Cut:

If this is your first time shopping for jewelry, then you may be unaware of the different shapes and proportions. The most common cuts include round, oval, emerald, radiant, princess, pear, brilliant and marquise. While some of these cuts are self-explanatory, they vary greatly in overall proportion.

  • Color:

White diamonds are the top pick in both antique and contemporary diamonds, but a growing number of brides desire a unique color. However, even white diamonds range from clear to yellow. Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow, and selecting a colored gemstone can make even a standard setting standout.

  • Carat Weight:

Carat weight refers to the weight of the diamond, and therefore the size of the diamond. If the ring has multiple diamonds, you will have both a combined carat weight and individual carat weight for the center diamond.

  • Clarity:

While ring shopping, you may find that even rings with the same carat weight can vary greatly in price – which is often directly related to the difference in clarity. Since diamonds are nature-made, they may have flaws or inclusions that are indicated by a rating scale of Included through Flawless. A Flawless diamond will cost significantly more than a diamond with more inclusions. The good news is, that many flaws are seen only under magnifications – so if you can’t afford a rare flawless stone, you still have plenty of stunning options to choose from.

Diamonds Aren’t Your Only Option

Diamonds are the top choice for engagement rings, but they certainly aren’t the only option. Dependent on your bride-to-be’s personal style, you may also want to consider unique engagement rings that include other beautiful gemstones – like sapphires, emerald, or rubies. This could include a ring where the diamond is the feature stone complemented by a gemstone, or vice-versa.

The Gemstone Isn’t Your Only Deciding Factor

Finding the perfect gemstone may be your first order of business, but you have more to consider than the 4 C’s and gemstone. You must also choose the perfect:

  • Setting
  • Design
  • Number of feature stones
  • What precious metal the band is made from
  • Accompanying wedding band

Even if you have a solid understanding of the design you are searching for, the precious metal of the band is also key. Your most common choices include gold, white gold, and platinum. To avoid the need to resize the ring after purchase, try to determine what her ring size is before you go shopping. Keep in mind that each finger, and maybe even each hand has varying ring sizes.

You Might Need Some Help Engagement Ring Shopping

Between contemporary, colored, custom designs, and antique engagement rings – you may need someone who can help you select the perfect ring for your beloved. Although you may know your loved one better than anyone else, you may not be certain of her style in jewelry. Even if you are familiar with her general style and fashion sense, engagement rings are worn for a lifetime and often passed down through generations. In other words, your soon-to-be-betrothed may prefer a timeless classic.

Don’t hesitate to ask a trusted friend or family member who may already be aware of her preference in engagement rings for help. To ensure that the perfect ring is selected, many couples go ring shopping together, either pre or post engagement. At the very least, keep your ears open in case your loved one drops any hints.

You Can Design Your Own Ring

While our in-store selection of wedding bands and engagement rings is impressive, you can design a one-of-a-kind ring for your one-of-a-kind love. Your jeweler will work with you to create a custom design, you can combine your favorite features from multiple rings, or you can design your ring solo. You can even design a ring with a combination of heirloom gemstones that are reset into a new design.

Know How Much You Are Comfortable Spending Before You Arrive

Having a clear understanding of your budget will help you avoid the disappointment of selecting a ring that is outside of your budget. Be upfront with your jeweler regarding your budget, so that they can guide you towards rings in the cut, color, carat weight, and clarity that match your budget. Keep in mind, that the multiple variants within each of the 4 C’s will greatly affect the cost of your gemstone. For example, a small carat weight but colored diamond could be more expensive than the same ring in a white diamond. On the flipside, a white diamond with a high carat weight with many inclusions may be more affordable.

Shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Work with a team of jewelers you can trust and head to Kranich’s Jewelers. Family owned and operated since 1903, our jewelers are some of the best in the business. We understand how serious and deeply emotional shopping for the perfect engagement ring can be. That’s why we promise our exceptional service and honest advice to guide you towards a stunning diamond engagement ring that compliments your love unlike any other. So go ahead, pop the question with confidence and dazzle that special someone with a new diamond engagement ring from Kranich’s Jewelers.


Royal Wedding Bells are Ringing

It’s almost here. The royal wedding is April 29 and as expected, demand for the sapphire engagement ring has increased. The ring that Prince William gave to the future princess is an 18 carat white gold ring set with an oval sapphire center and round cut diamond side stones.

Sapphire and Diamond Kate Middleton Style Ring

Sapphire and Diamond Kate Middleton Style Ring

Since the announcement I have seen countless variations on this style come across my desk to photo for our customers. I even saw a version where the blue sapphire center was replaced with a green emerald which led me to discover that the princess style ring is actually available with almost any center stone.

So what makes this ring so popular? It is a very pretty ring, but I’m sure the royal connection might have a little more to do with it. Scot, one of our associates here at Kranich’s Jewelers in the Logan Valley Mall store, informed me the reaction is almost identical to the last royal wedding, which was the first time the sapphire ring was featured in the public eye. Sales of what was then referred to as the Princess Diana ring continued to remain strong for years after the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

What’s old is new again so be sure to keep us in mind if you are looking for a ring similar to the royal sapphire and diamond engagement ring. We have a wide selection of designs that are perfect for the princess in your life. Browse our entire collection of Kate Middleton Style Rings HERE

For any questions you may have about Kate Middleton Style Engagement Rings or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Wedding Receptions With Style!

So you have come to Kranichs Jewelers and found your perfect engagement ring and wedding bands.  So one step on your journey is complete!  Great, now how about your reception?  Have you found a place that is just right for your needs?  Let us give you a suggestion.  We think you will greatly enjoy the service and beauty of the Blairmont Club in Historic Hollidaysburg. Even if you are not looking for a place for a wedding reception, the Blairmont Club is perfect for your next event or corporate meeting.  Visit them online for more information for your perfect event and tell them that Kranich’s Jewelers sent you!

For questions about any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Designer Diamond Wedding Sets at Kranich’s Jewelers

Here at Kranich’s Jewelers, we are all proud to offer a wide selection of designer diamond mountings that are perfect for any jewelry taste. We are especially proud of our line of designer wedding sets. We offer matching engagement rings and wedding bands that have the same look and feel of the major designers, but with a price that you can only get from Kranich’s.

Stop in to one of our stores or visit to see our entire selection of Affordable Diamond Bridals. We are constantly adding new styles so we are sure that you will find the perfect combination for your wedding day.

For questions about our affordable diamond bridal sets or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.

Creating the perfect wedding slideshow – A Moment Frozen In Time

brideandgroomHere at Kranich’s Jewelers, we want you to have the best possible experience on your wedding day. We know that we have the engagement ring and the wedding bands that you are looking for, but there are so many other things happening on your wedding day that we thought we could offer a little comment.

One thing that I have noticed becoming more and more popular is a wedding slideshow during the reception. The past two weddings that I have attended both had these visual trips down memory lane and each are very entertaining, especially if you are a guest an occasionally see yourself in one of the snapshots.

If you have a wedding planner, they usually take care of setting up the slideshow, perhaps even producing it themselves. However, a lot of professional photographers may offer to create your custom slideshow for your reception and include it in your photo package price. You just have to ask them if they have the software to make it, and supply them with the photos that you want to use.

But as is the case of your author, most people out there have at least one person they know that has some computer experience. Some of the best slideshows that I have seen have come from a friend of the bride and groom. And today all of the tools needed to create a slideshow of your own are easy to find. Lots of people use power point every day for presentations. It’s not hard to use that same technique to create a slide show. Too much hassle? Simply put all of your photos in a windows folder and use the slideshow function in the image viewer. If you want to go a little fancier, one of the most useful slideshow websites that I can recommend is They offer the ability to add video into your slideshows with professional style.

So if you are looking to add this little touch to your big day, we hope that we might have offered some helpful tips. Your wedding planner can handle all of these details, but if you do it yourself, you can still come away with a memorable display that everyone is sure to love.

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