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What finger is an anniversary ring worn on?

anniversary bandSo you’ve just been given a beautiful new ring for your anniversary from your loving husband. It’s beautiful, fashionable, elegant, everything you wanted and more. You gingerly take it out of the box, letting the light bounce and spill over every facet, every cut and angle, every curve. Gently, you tell him it’s beautiful, and you decide to put it on right away. As natural as anything, you slip it over your left ring finger and find…there’s already a ring there!

What’s a woman to do? So begins the dilemma of where one wears their sparkling new anniversary ring when they’ve got a treasured, meaningful wedding ring already on their finger. So what finger is an anniversary ring worn on, anyway?

The answer is surprisingly simple! Rules of etiquette regarding this matter are rather lacking, though the prevailing opinion is that an anniversary band should be worn one of two ways: either on the ring finger of your right hand, or on the same finger as your wedding band, with it! If the two rings won’t scratch, cause you physical distress, or look garish stacked one on top of the other, it’s generally accepted that a new anniversary ring should be worn there. Conversely, if the new ring is of a different metal than the old or would fit awkwardly on your left ring finger, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it on your right ring finger. At Kranich’s Jewelers, you can find a selection of beautiful anniversary rings, and find just the right one to match your wedding band, too!

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