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Fiery Gemstones for July Birthdays

July Birthstones

It is Officially the dog days of Summer here in Central Pennsylvania so it’s no wonder July is both National Hot Dog Month as well as Nationial Ice Cream Month. I highly recommend you take time to enjoy both this month, seperately, unless you like meat in your ice cream. The most opportune time would have been on July 4th, America’s birthday, which reminds me, What would be a great gift for someone celebrating a July birthdays? That’s easy as the birthstone of July is the ruby.

Rubies are well known for their rich red color as well as a remarkable hardness just below the Mohs scale for a diamond. They make a wonderful addition to almost any collection, whether you prefer a designer ruby bracelet, a charming ruby pendant or even some fiery ruby earrings, we have a full selection of ruby jewelry online and at each Kranich’s Jewelers location.

For any questions you may have about birthstone jewelry or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit Kranichs.com or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.