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Peridot: August’s Birthstone

August Birthstone: PeridotPeridot is an olive green color stone which is also known as the birthstone of August and zodiac stone for constellation Libra.  Peridot, when put under artificial light gives a nice green glow that makes it such an adorable gemstone. You can’t resist its charms!

The name Peridot comes from ‘faridat’, an Arabic word which means gem and its use can be traced back to the second BC when the Egyptians bestowed upon the gem for its luminance properties. It was believed to have shielded its wearer from terrors. This stone comes in color ranging from yellowish green to dark lime green and the darker the color, the more precious the stone is deemed.

In the early days, Peridot was found in the Red Sea of St Johns and today, we still find small quantities of the precious stone there. In Arizona, the San Carlos Apache reservation is another significant source of Peridot and is mined by the Native Americans. New Mexico, Pakistan and China are also places one can find huge quantities of this valuable stone although the Pakistan originated ones appear to be more popular.

While Peridot has been confused with other gemstones due to its likeliness in color (particularly emerald), it actually is different in color. However, many jewelers still refer to it as ‘evening emerald.’ It is considered the most unique and scarce gemstones and a perfect choice for men’s jewelry. Interestingly, Peridot is excellent for a couple’s 16 years of marriage anniversary.

Why anyone would choose Peridot:

  1. An exceptional gift: As regarded as the birthstone of August, Peridot accessory is an excellent gift choice for the special person in your life.
  2. Beauty: If you are out looking for something stunning and gorgeous, then Peridot should be your most sought after item in this regard.
  3. Remedial Power: It is believed that Peridot gemstone has therapeutic characteristics such as bringing prosperity, peace and good fortune when worn as an accessory.

What more? Peridot is said to have helped dreams become reality and has been blessed with emblem of fame, might and energy. Today, we find this stunning stone being used in medieval churches for decorating treasures in the cathedral. It is quite important to note that the green hue produced by the stone determines its value. A slight shade of brown in the stone lowers the value and brings noticeable flaws.

With its uniqueness in style, beauty and charm, accessories made from the birthstone of August are definitely worth a buy and will make for a perfect gift for years to come.

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Happy Birthday April!

Diamond Birthstone

April Birthstone - Diamond

All you lucky people born in the month of April have a dazzling birthstone that everyone loves. The April birthstone is of course diamond. The name diamond is a derivative of an ancient Greek word meaning proper, unalterable, unbreakable or untamed. This obviously refers to the strength of a diamond, but it is their beauty that makes them so desirable in the world of jewelry.

Do you or someone special in your life celebrate their birthday in April? If so, a great gift for this occasion may be some diamond jewelry. Perhaps a pair of diamond stud earrings or a diamond circle pendant would make the perfect gift with the special meaning of an April birthstone.

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Mom, Momm, Mommy!!

I’d like to share with you an oldie, but goody. Here is a post originally appearing back in Feburary that is important as the days come closer to Mother’s Day.
Mother’s day is right around the corner. May 9, 2010 keeps inching closer and closer, so the question this year is what to get for your mom this year. Should you get flowers, a nice dinner, or maybe something that will last a little longer? That’s where we can help. This year, why not get Mom one of our beautiful Mother’s rings?

But that gets me wondering, where this whole idea of a mother’s ring came from. After a little digging around the net, I think I have an idea of the origin. According to the Wikipedia entry, the rings originally came from a simple piece of birthstone jewelry. Way before you were born, Mom would have worn a ring that had just one birthstone in it, hers. After the first born son came into the world, Mom got an update. The rings became two bands joined by the son’s birthstones and after each new son came into the family, Mom’s ring would be replaced with a new ring with an additional birthstone for the new baby. Eventually, the birthstones became less focused on a son and expanded to all of Moms kids. So the first born son would have his birthstone, but his sister was also represented on Moms ring.

Today, a mother’s ring comes in many different styles sometimes including stones not only for her children, but sometimes even her grandchildren. The mother’s rings are often given to a mother or grandmother upon the birth of a new child or grandchild, sometimes as a new ring or to replace an old one. They are also very popular around this time of year when you are looking for something that she will love on Mother’s day.

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