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Where Do Black Diamonds Come From?

black diamond earringsOne look at our selection of dazzling black diamond jewelry, and one question comes to mind immediately: How do I get one!? But after that, many people also wonder, where do black diamonds come from? The answer isn’t just surprising, it’s actually out of this world!

Normally found only in the Central African Republic and Brazil, black diamonds – or ‘carbonado’, as they are known – are not simply diamonds themselves, but a collection of many, many microscopic diamonds that have bonded together. The resulting imperfections that exist between these bonds give the carbonados their characteristic black or dark-grey luster. In all ways other than hardness and composition, black diamond carbonados actually share little with diamonds as we know them, lacking several elements that we know to exist in most diamonds today.

Several theories exist as to the origin of black diamonds. Among them are the idea that black diamonds were created not by the volcanic activity that creates diamonds, but rather by massive meteorite impacts dating back billions of years. Another is that black diamonds were formed by the spontaneous fission of thorium and uranium, which created the black imperfections.

Most intriguing, however, is data that suggests that black diamond carbonados were actually formed in interstellar space! Recent study reveals that black diamonds share a peculiar composition that they share with other materials formed near carbon stars. If this theory is correct, then what we know as black diamonds are actually a form of cosmic dust broken off from an asteroid-sized mass traveling through space.

Sadly, because of their extreme rarity and porous nature, actual black diamonds are not suitable for jewelry. But thanks to gemologists, a cunning recreation is available for beautiful jewelry. These black diamonds are in all ways actual diamonds, bearing the same imperfections that make the carbonado black diamonds so unique. And thanks to Kranich’s Jewelers, you can find a selection of beautiful black diamond jewelry right here on Earth!

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