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Designers on YouTube

Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day. I wonder how many brides to be got a ring from Kranichs. I know it was busy at the Kranich’s offices all day on Friday and I personally got to see one of those yellow diamonds on Saturday night! Anyhow, on to our regularly scheduled programming.

So during our updates to all of our social media sites this morning, I came across Verragio on Youtube. In their videos, they feature the Couture Collection, the Insignia Collection, the Paradiso Collection and the Classico Collection. It’s a pretty cool way to get an ideo of the look of Verragio. Check it out!

For questions about any of the lines from Verragio or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit Kranichs.com or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.