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How Do You Tell if a Diamond is Fake?


It’s a thorny subject, but an extremely important one. Plenty of people want to know how you can spot a real diamond from a fake, and while folk answers abound, Kranich’s Jewelers provides this brief guide to help you separate fact from fiction, real from fake.

For starters, a diamond is not a moissanite or cubic zirconium. Both of these stones, while bearing a similar look to diamonds, have neither the brilliance or hardness of actual diamonds. Finding either of these terms used in relation to your diamond calls its authenticity into question. Frequently, cubic zirconium rings are printed with the initials “C.Z.” somewhere on the band, another sign to look out for.

Real diamonds are created under extreme pressure during volcanic activity, and as such, few (if any) are completely clear and without flaws. A diamond that is “too perfect” is very probably fake. Good tests for this include looking closely at the stone’s clarity, and, if the stone is unmounted, try to read a newspaper using the diamond as a glass. Genuine diamonds have a very slight yellowish tint, and a diamond that is perfectly clear may be false. Diamonds are also magnificent refractors of light, so if you can read through them, that is another indicator.

Furthermore, real diamonds are excellent heat conductors. Simply try breathing on your diamond: if it remains foggy for more than a second or so, it may be false. Real diamonds can cut glass, but buyer beware, as there are many stones that can simulate diamonds that are also of adequate hardness to perform this feat. Cutting glass is not an acid test.

In reality, the only way to be certain the diamond you’re getting is real is to have the stone examined by a certified gemologist who specializes in jewelry. Here at Kranich’s Jewelers, all our stones are certified real, so you can buy with confidence and be certain that you’re getting the genuine article!

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