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It’s A BlackOut by Luminox

Swiss made watch manufacturer Luminox has become famous thanks to their Navy SEAL watch design which was developed by founder, Barry Cohen and Officer Nick North specifically for night missions. Now the designers at Luminox have taken it a step further with the BlackOut Series. Here is some more information about the design from a press release dated August 2009 from Luminox.

Luminox F-117 NIGHTHAWK 6400 SERIES A.6402.BO Watch

Luminox F-117 NIGHTHAWK 6400 SERIES A.6402.BO Watch

Luminox – maker of the world’s most luminous timepieces thanks to the proprietary Luminox Light Technology (LLT) utilized in them – is proud to introduce the all-black BlackOut series of timepieces – ideal ESSENTIAL GEAR for professionals and athletes. Luminox watches are known to be Always Visible and always glow, so the notion of going dark would seem to be contrary, but not to worry, the watches still glow continuously for more than 25 years, this time in a new blue color on the hands and hour markers for night viewing. The LLT-micro gas lights are glowing in blue – Blue by Night. The look of the watches is completely blacked out, but telling time is still easy thanks to a tone-on-tone look via matt black dials and polished black numbers. With two models in the series, both are water resistant to 200 metres and, like all Luminox watches, Swiss made.



A key color for Luminox because of the covert nature of the wearers of the brand – SWAT teams, Navy SEALS, Stealth fighter pilots, and other professionals — black is a natural for the newest line, which has two important models.

The BlackOut SEAL watch is part of the Navy SEAL-3050 series. As a big exception compared to all other Luminox Watches the Luminox logo Shield is also black. The 44mm watch features a carbon-reinforced polymer case, screwed down caseback, protected crown, extra-hard mineral crystal, and is equipped with a polyurethane strap.

The other model in the new series is the BlackOut Stealth – paying befitting homage to the jet fighter that bears its name. Part of the EVO F-117 Nighthawk™ 6400 series, this watch is as sleek in its styling as the jet, and takes some styling cues, as well. The Blackout Stealth is crafted of black PVD plated stainless steel with a black dial and black PVD coated steel bracelet for as stealth a look as the jet. The 45mm watch is built with a screwed back, screw-in crown, rotating bezel, and antireflective sapphire crystal

Luminox originally entered into the cooperative relationship with Lockheed Martin nearly a decade ago, and today offers the F-117 Nighthawk™, the SR-71 Blackbird™, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F-22 Raptor (just recently introduced) and now the Blackout Stealth.

Luminox COLORMARK 38MM 7050 SERIES A.7051.BO

Luminox COLORMARK 38MM 7050 SERIES A.7051.BO

Both models employ Luminox Light Technology, with 25 years of night visibility. Luminox timepieces are manufactured like few others. The proprietary Luminox Light Technology and the additional quality control steps Luminox mandates require extraordinary attention to detail and care in manufacturing

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