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How are diamonds formed?

By a vast margin the most popular gemstone on earth, diamonds are synonymous with elegance and permanence. Anyone who looks at one knows that diamonds are beautiful and radiant, but looking at one curiously gives no indication as to how the stone came to exist, or under what conditions it was formed. For true diamond lovers and aficionados, this article is for you!

Diamonds are typically formed in the earth’s mantle, the layer below the crust that is largely a mess of volcanic rocks and gasses. Carbon-containing minerals are put under the extreme pressure and heat found inside the mantle, and over a process of 1 billion to 3.3 billion years, a diamond is formed. Coal is a remarkably fertile source of carbon found abundantly in the earth’s mantle, and it is from these humble deposits that many diamonds are formed. However! Not all diamonds are formed from coal, but rather from any carbon-rich mineral! As we do not typically mine that far deep in the earth, the diamonds we have found in mines dotted all around the world were carried to the surface by volcanic activity. When the magma from these fissures in the earth cool into igneous rock, diamonds are sometimes found within.

There is, however, another set of circumstances found naturally on Earth that can create diamonds. Very small diamonds known as ‘microdiamonds’ are also found at the site of meteoric impacts with our planet, as the heat and pressure created by falling megatons of rock can, in small measure, replicate the kind of heat and pressure found deep within the earth. Even more fantastically, some diamonds – such as the black ‘carbonado’ diamonds – might have even been formed in space and deposited on our planet by impacting the rocks where they were born!

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