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How is Aquamarine Formed?

Aquamarines are among the most beautiful of gems, with its delicate, sky blue tint and wonderful shine. But where do these gorgeous stones come from? In fact, what we know as “aquamarines” are the blue variant of a mineral deposit called ‘beryl’. Beryl forms, much like diamonds, under tremendous pressure, usually in granite pegmatites, a sort of coarse volcanic rock. In its natural state, beryl stones are colorless, and various impurities created by other elements in the stones give them their coloration. Each different color of beryl stone has its own name: for example, the green beryl is better known as the famous emerald, which is created when beryl bears impurities of chromium and vanadium.

In contrast, aquamarine is formed when iron ions are present at the stone’s birth. Most aquamarine found in the world today is mined out of Russia and Sri Lanka, as well as in America, where they’re found chiefly in Colorado and Wyoming, and also in mines in Colombia, Zambia, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.

Aside from being the official birthstone of the month of March, aquamarine is also the traditional stone given for the 19th anniversary! Whether you’re celebrating a March birthday, your 19th year of wedded bliss, or simply your love for these beautiful stones, however, you’ll find a wide selection of them here at Kranich’s Jewelers!

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