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Which ear for earrings on men? We tackle this old question here and dispel the myths!

Many men have boggled over this question, largely because of rumors and outdated cultural trends. Which ear for earrings on men? The answer is surprisingly simple. In recent history, earrings were brought into fashion in the Americas by sailors, who frequently wore them to signify having overcome a shipwreck or circumnavigated the globe. Many of these earrings were gold, kept on the belief that if they drowned and their body washed up somewhere, the person who found them would take the earring as payment for a Christian burial. Many such stories exist about old nautical superstitions related to earrings, but few mention which ear they should be worn in.

With the advent of the counterculture movement of the 1960’s, earrings began to be worn by men other than sailors, most notably men in the hippie and gay subcultures. This trend was followed in the 1970’s by adoption by the punk rock movement, and into the 1980’s when it was picked up by British and American pop stars alike. It was in the 1990’s that pierced ears for men became more culturally common, as many subcultures had adopted it by this time, including athletes and students.

It has been long thought that piercing the left ear or right ear casts implications on a man’s sexuality. Indeed, during the 1960’s and 1970’s, a single earring worn in the right ear was a common identifier in the male homosexual community. However, this was chiefly with single earrings in the right ear only, and with the progress of cultural attitudes and norms, has largely become obsolete. Now it’s commonplace for men to wear earrings in each ear, in either ear, or multiples in one or both ears, and with no significance to their lifestyle. And if you’re a bold, dashing man who prefers his ears adorned, Kranich’s Jewelers has a marvelous selection of earrings that’s sure to please!

-Kranich’s Staff