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Mother’s Ring: A Forever Keepsake For Mom

Every mother can agree that her family is one of her greatest sources of joy! There are many ways to celebrate a mother and her dedication to her family, including the gift of a personalized mother’s ring. Mom rings are the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversary, and of course Mother’s Day. If you are searching for a special gift for your mom, for the loving mother of your children—or even for grandma, personalized jewelry is always an excellent option.

What Is A Mother’s Ring?

Mother’s rings have evolved a bit over the generations, and at present day are a ring that most often features the birthstones of all the children in the family—and both parents if you wish. If purchased as a keepsake for grandma, the ring could feature the birthstones of all of the kids, and all of the grandkids—or only one of the two.

These rings are unique because the variety of birthstones ensures that mom’s ring is unique, and also quite colorful. If more than one of the kids has the same birthstone, you can opt to have two rings of the same stone—or just one ring to represent both children.

The Classic Mom Ring

The classic mom ring features all birthstones in a straight row, sometimes separated by diamonds—or intricate band designs. Most feature round gemstones, but heart shape and square cut gemstones are popular alternatives. While this classic design is fairly simple, it is easily identified as a keepsake ring designed especially for moms. However, contemporary designs may be a better fit for mom.

Contemporary Mom Rings

While the classic design is beautiful, it may not be the best match for mom’s sense of style—but not to worry. As with all of our jewelry, these keepsake rings can be personalized to complement mom. While all birthstones will still be present, we can design the band and layout of the rings in a stylized manner. From cutout bands, innovative design, and an endless options of settings—we can easily design a ring that mom will love.

Don’t Forget The Band

While the gemstones, size, and cut are sure to be top of mind, you must not forget the band. In fact, the band plays an important role in the overall design. From smooth, to textured, decorative, cutout, and more!

You must also choose from gold, white gold, or platinum to best suit mom’s style. In most cases, mom will prefer the same precious metal for all of her jewelry.

What If The Family Is Still Growing?

If you would like to buy a ring for mom or grandma, but your family is still growing, you still have plenty of options. One of the most common options are stackable bands. These bands could feature one stone per band, that when placed together creates a unique design—or you have limitless options in decorative bands that feature multiple gemstones. If the family grows unexpectedly, you can have the stones arranged in a new setting.

A Family Affair—Including More Than Just The Kids

It is not uncommon to make a moms ring a family affair, by adding mom’s birthstone, both parents, grandparents, and blended families. This option is also excellent for small families, and moms that only have one child. There are many ways to approach this method of personalization, and no way is right or wrong. A few options to consider include:

• Making mom’s birthstone larger than the kids
• Adding both parent’s birthstones, also larger than the kids
• Having the size of each gemstone correspond with the age of each family member
• Placing mom’s stone in the center, with the kid’s stones surrounding mom
• Creating a tier for grandma, parents, and grandkids
• Selecting a variety of cuts for a truly unique ring—round, pear, oval, square, heart, and more!

These are just a few options, but the options truly are endless.

Think Outside The Box—Rings Aren’t Your Only Option

If your family is large or mom doesn’t wear a lot of rings—or a colorful ring just isn’t her style. Not to worry, because we still have plenty of options. Necklaces are also an excellent way to celebrate mom or grandma, and the design options are far more flexible. Not only can the designs be larger, but you can even choose individual charms for each birthstone. Speaking of charms, bracelets are another great alternative to rings.

Which Ring Will Mom Like?

With the sentimental value of personalized mothers’ rings, you really can’t go wrong—that being said, you want to design a ring that suits her personal style. While you want the ring to be a surprise, search for the opportunity to get some input. Browse through our website together to see the types of rings she likes, or ask her best friend or close family member to find a casual and creative way to determine her preference in design and style.

The Perfect Time To Give The Gift Of Personalized Jewelry

Mother’s rings are a popular gift for Mother’s Day, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions—however every day is the perfect day to celebrate the ones you love. These personalized rings are available for purchase all year-round, and any time you want to do something extra special for your wife or mom. We have rings at all price points, making it a gift that kids can save up to purchase for mom as a family.

While mom and grandma are sure to love their personalized mother’s rings, these rings often become a cherished family heirloom. These unique keepsake rings are also a popular talking point that provides moms with a daily reminder of her loving family and the many heartfelt stories she has to share.

Mom, Momm, Mommy!!

I’d like to share with you an oldie, but goody. Here is a post originally appearing back in Feburary that is important as the days come closer to Mother’s Day.
Mother’s day is right around the corner. May 9, 2010 keeps inching closer and closer, so the question this year is what to get for your mom this year. Should you get flowers, a nice dinner, or maybe something that will last a little longer? That’s where we can help. This year, why not get Mom one of our beautiful Mother’s rings?

But that gets me wondering, where this whole idea of a mother’s ring came from. After a little digging around the net, I think I have an idea of the origin. According to the Wikipedia entry, the rings originally came from a simple piece of birthstone jewelry. Way before you were born, Mom would have worn a ring that had just one birthstone in it, hers. After the first born son came into the world, Mom got an update. The rings became two bands joined by the son’s birthstones and after each new son came into the family, Mom’s ring would be replaced with a new ring with an additional birthstone for the new baby. Eventually, the birthstones became less focused on a son and expanded to all of Moms kids. So the first born son would have his birthstone, but his sister was also represented on Moms ring.

Today, a mother’s ring comes in many different styles sometimes including stones not only for her children, but sometimes even her grandchildren. The mother’s rings are often given to a mother or grandmother upon the birth of a new child or grandchild, sometimes as a new ring or to replace an old one. They are also very popular around this time of year when you are looking for something that she will love on Mother’s day.

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