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Relay Raffle Winner Announced

From Relay For Life 2010

Congratulations go to Ron Kenner of Duncasville. Ron was this year’s winner of the Relay Raffle. He won a 14 karat white gold diamond circle pendant with 1/4 carat total weight diamonds which currently retails at $395.00 buy purchasing a raffle ticket from our team which were only 3 for a dollar! Congratulations Ron!

For questions about your own diamond circle necklace or for more on any specific piece offered at Kranich’s Jewelers, visit Kranichs.com or call 888.944.4575 and we will be happy to help you.


Kranich’s Engagement Party at Relay for Life 2010

Kranich’s Jewelers would like to take a moment to thank everyone who supported the Relay for Life team over the past year. With your help we managed to raise over $18,000 throughout the year to support cancer research. With all of that help, we are that much closer to finding a cure for this terrible disease. Our feet may hurt a little bit, but we are that many steps closer to a cure. Thank you.

To find out how you can help the Relay for Life, visit http://www.relayforlife.org.